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Time To Change Batteries

One of the major components of your car is the battery. Imagine just how your car would start if it had no battery. Well, your car would actually not start without a battery and this simply goes to illustrate just how important this part is. It is your car’s main power source. Your car’s battery actually functions to supply electric energy to your starter motor as well as the ignition system. These two mentioned parts are found in your vehicle’s engine. However, the life of batteries do not last that long.

If you do pick a quality one, you might be able to have it for around 60 months, that is if you use it properly. Otherwise, you might be only able to use it for less than that amount of time. Now, if you do have a battery that just would not function anymore, then it is time to replace it. In just a couple of steps, you can do this thing yourself and you need not ask for assistance or service from any mechanic or auto center personnel. However, keep in mind that a car’s battery has corrosive elements that could be harmful to you and your car so be careful when changing your car’s battery.

You should be able to start the whole scheme by turning your car’s engine off and locating the battery under the hood. To detach the negative battery cable, which is the black one, from the battery, you should first loosen the nut using a combination wrench. After doing such, twist it and pull up on the end of the cable with your hand. If your battery has been there long enough, there might be some need for you to provided greater force and pry the cable end loose using a screwdriver. Do the same steps in removing the positive cable which is the red one. Remove the battery hold-down clamp with the assistance of a combination wrench. You can also use a socket and a ratchet for this task. Then, your battery should be loose by this time so you can now take it out of the tray. Be sure to grab them firmly from the bottom for they can be quite heavy. When the battery has been removed, check the battery tray and hold-down clamp. If there are any signs of corrosion and dirt, clean them up first. You can use water as well as a wire brush to make it clean.

You should also clean the battery cable connectors. With everything clean, it is now time to put in the new battery. Put the new one in the tray and secure using the clamp. Attach and tighten the battery cables and make sure that you attach the positive ends first followed by the negative ones. Before putting down the hood, check first if all the connections are tight. Remember that loose connections equate to your car not starting. For an impressive array of auto parts like starters and ignition wire set, you can visit Auto Parts Online. You can find here the latest in innovative and stylish parts as well as genuine and durable parts and accessories for various vehicles.

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Jenny McLane is a 36 year old native of Iowa and has a knack for research on cars and anything and everything about it. She works full time as a Market Analyst for one of the leading car parts suppliers in the country today.

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Is Your Automatic Transmission Working Okay?

The automatic transmission system is simply one kind of transmission system for a car or vehicle. The other type is the manual transmission system. Now, the main difference between the two is that with the automatic transmission system, you would not have to change your gear ratios for the system would do the thing for you as your go about driving your car. In fact, it simply means that the gear ratios would be done by the system itself as unlike the manual transmission system, you would be doing this task yourself manually. Part of your car’s automatic transmission system is the automatic transmission fluid and this is also known as the ATF.

According to automobile experts, it is important that you do check this regularly, at most every month. However, if you do feel that your automatic transmission system is not shifting gears as smoothly as before, then it is recommended that you do check your car’s ATF. To check your car’s ATF, you should first park your car on level ground. Then start up your engine. You should also leave the gear in neutral or in park. Have a little patience while your engine warms up. When you have achieved so, try to locate the ATF dipstick. This is usually located at the back of your car’s engine.

You would know it is the ATF dipstick because it is much shorter compared to the engine oil dipstick. Pull the dipstick out and remove it. Then, wipe it off clean using a rag. After that, put it back in the engine and push it all the way. Then remove it again. It is now time to scrutinize the dipstick tip. You would see that there are actually two marks there – one is for cold readings while the other is for warm readings. You should set your sight on the one marked ‘warm’. You should see that the ATF should come up until the line that has been marked ‘Full’. If not, then it is time to add your ATF for your car. Auto Parts Go has certainly proven that their collection of Acura parts are made from quality material. They also offer dependable Saab parts as well as accessories for owners around the globe.

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Jennifer Dylan is a 35-year-old gal who hails from San Francisco. She has a habit of updating herself on new car trends and models. She spends most of her time reading up on cars and hopes to test drive them. She works for one of the topnotch car parts dealer in the U.S.

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Checking Your Car’s Tire Pressure

Your car’s tires should have just the right amount of pressure. This may not seem to be a big deal, however, remember that your tires hold a great deal of importance when it comes to your car’s performance. According to automobile experts, your car’s tires should have the right amount of pressure because these serve as the medium between you, your car, and the open road. If you do have underinflated or overinflated tires, you would be experiencing much too many rattles and shakes as you drive your way through various types of roads. Also, tires that are not inflated properly give you a more bumpy ride.

They also tend to wear down quickly compared to tires that are inflated just right. Another fact about tires is that when they are overinflated or underinflated, they actually make your car use up much gas. Compared to having a car with tires inflated just right, your car makes use of just the right amount of gas. It even saves you much on your hard-earned dollar for you would not have to spend more on the very high-priced fuel. To check the your tires’ pressure, make sure that you do it when your tires have already cooled down. Keep in mind that tires get more inflated when warm for the air inside expands. Then, you should first remove the cap from the valve on the tire that you are checking. Put in and press a tire gauge hard into the valve and take a look at the given reading. You would know if you have inserted the gauge properly if you hear the sound of escaping air.

Then, if you notice that the tire needs more pressure, fill it up. On the other hand, if your car has had just too much pressure, then release the air. You would know the right and
recommended air pressure of your tires by checking your car owner’s manual.

For all vehicles, nothing is befitting than the excellently crafted Jeep Wrangler accessories and Jeep Grand Cherokee accessories at Volvo Parts and Used Volvo Parts. Check out the site and you would discover for yourself why customers and Jeep enthusiasts keep coming back to Auto Accessories Giant.

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Shane Morgay is a 34-year-old native of Ohio. She love cars and knows detailed information about them. She has a collection of miniature car collectibles and would love to have these collectibles become real ones. She works for a car part supplier most days of the week.
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The Process of Car Interior Cleaning

Through time, your car’s interior could be accumulating more and more dirt inside. In fact, you may never notice, however your interior could be suffering from too much baggage – dirt, sand, grime, food crumbs, wrappers, spills, and other things. And if everything accumulates, you might be finding a car interior that smells funny but also an interior that does not look nice. At all. Cleaning can be something that you may not want to do. However, keep in mind that it would cost you a couple hundred in cash to have everything cleaned up by a professional service center. Remember, though, that you can actually do it yourself and just sacrifice a couple of hours to do this type of work. You will not need anything sophisticated or high technology. Just get out your vacuum cleaner and a couple of other household products and you will be on to a start to cleaning up your car’s interior.

You should first remove the floor mats from your car. Then, once outside, shake them off. Try to remove any kind of debris that could have stuck itself on them. Your car’s carpets are one of the most likely things where dirt gets accumulated. After that task, use your vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment. Use this to vacuum any dirt on all the seats of your car. Pay close attention to the crevices and the spaces between the cushions. Dirt also likes to hide there. You would also need to carefully vacuum the bottom of your seats as well as the back. Be sure that before you do any vacuuming, your seats are free from trash and coins. These could clog up your vacuum and delay your interior cleaning duties. After that, it is time to turn your vacuuming to your car’s floor as well as the floor mats. When clean, put the floor mats back in. Check your car seat cushions. If you see any stains, you can use a damp towel to apply carpet shampoo. However, make sure that you use only a small amount and work it up into a light lather. And when done, you can wipe the shampoo away. Let it dry. As per your car’s windows and glass, you can use a window cleaner. A newspaper would do the best job in cleaning these. And the best of it all, let the air in. This would throw away any kind of funny smell out of your car.

Mazda Parts and Mazda Auto Parts manufactures and sells Mazda body parts and Mazda accessories. After all, this store strives to be the ultimate source of performance products and accessories for all Mazda vehicles.

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Margaret Adams is the present manager of the largest auto manufacturing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This 35 year old maiden is a certified car enthusiast.

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2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee CRD, Soon On The Streets

The Chrysler Group has just recently announced that it is already planning on producing the very first diesel-powered and full sized sport utility vehicle. This new full sized SUV would be only sold and marketed in the United States. And guess what this SUV would be? Yes, it would be the 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee. This new 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee would be mounted with a 3.0 liter common rail turbo diesel, or CRD, engine.

The company targets that in around the first quarter of next year, this new 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee would be found in Jeep dealerships around the country. According to Craig Love, the vice president of Chrysler Group’s Rear Wheel Drive Product team, “Daimler Chrysler is a leader in automotive diesel applications in Europe, and it makes sense to continue to build on that experience by offering a modern, clean diesel for the US market. The Jeep Grand Cherokee diesel will offer consumers increased fuel economy, class-leading torque, towing, and driving range.” Indeed, this could be a bestseller among those who would like to have an SUV which does not use up much gas.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee has been produced by the Chrysler Corporation since 1993 up until the present. It actually replaced the Jeep Grand Wagoneer in the Jeep line up of exemplary vehicles. It has been produced in one body style only which is the wagon with four doors. In the market, its competitors include the Ford Explorer, GMC Envoy, Toyota 4Runner, and Nissan Pathfinder. On the new 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee, Bob Lee, the vice president of Chrysler Group’s Power Train Product team, states, “The 3.0 liter CRD is an efficient, smooth-running, clean engine that delivers fuel economy and performance.

Advanced diesel technology has improved over the last several years; engines are quieter and cleaner due to electronic controls, higher fuel pressures and advanced after-treatment systems.”With all the attention to details that Jeep gives to every vehicle under their brand, it is only fitting that Auto Parts Deal offer top of the line Jeep parts to match each Jeep vehicles’ performance. The company boasts of an impressive array of Jeep Grand Cherokee parts which are tagged with wholesale prices.

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As a manager of one of the largest auto store in Springfield,Massachussets, Sarah has extensive expertise on auto parts and automotives in general. This 42 year old is a certified car enthusiast.
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Range Rover Updated For 2007

The Range Rover has been known as the world’s most complete luxury sport utility vehicle for years already. And now, as part of the series of updates and upgrades that it received, the Range Rover is yet set to still remain in its position at the top. The lists of changes were done for the 2007 model year Range Rover. Included in the changes that the vehicle received included the cabin, its chassis, as well as off road capacities. For the 2007 model year version of the Range Rover, this vehicle would be holding as a standard feature the intuitive Terrain Response system which is more known as the TM system.

This new system actually gives the driver the chance to select one of the give distinct vehicle settings so as to be able to suit the terrain that the Range Rover is traveling on. So as to be able to take care of the various road conditions, there were also upgrades and optimizations done to the vehicle’s key software and hardware settings that control the powertrain, transmission, braking, stability control system and suspension system. Aside from these, the new Range Rover also holds an optional rear ‘e’ differential. The ‘e’ actually stands for electronic and it now available as a standard feature on the Supercharged versions of the Range Rover. Richard Beattie, the Executive Vice President of Land Rover North America’s Sales and Marketing department, states, “To maintain the Range Rover’s outstanding reputation, we continuously look at how we can update and upgrade the vehicle.

We have further refined Range Rover substantial equipment levels to meet the requirements of both new and existing Range Rover customers.” As per the interior of the vehicle, a simple look at the cabin would give you the impression that, indeed, upgrades and changes were made. The whole cabin has been given more space. And to add to storage space, the vehicle now holds an electronically-released twin glove box. The airbag system has also been updated. Land Rover Parts and Range Rover Parts likewise strives to preserve these qualities in delivering only the best Rover Freelander parts and Land Rover body parts. As many customers are satisfied with Land Rover cars, Land Rover Parts and Range Rover Parts has been the top choice of millions of Land Rover and Range Rover owners.

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Carol Mitchel is an executive assistant in one of the leading automotive magazine in Los Angeles, California. She is a certified car lover and loves extreme sports.

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Car Tires, Your Link With The Road

Car tires are more important than many people give them credit for being. They are literally your link with the road. The most dangerous place for you to be is out of or in poor contact with the road. In this predicament you are not able to have any input into your course of direction and that is a bad thing when you are going 60 plus miles per hour with no way to avoid crashing into something. Friction is what we are going for and there are some things that you have control of and some things that you don’t in this area.

You are responsible for your own and anyone else’s life in the car you are driving and so you had better be sure that you have taken all the measures that you can to prevent a problem.Now the contact of the road has several factors as already mentioned. The majority of the friction comes from the contact of rubber of the tire with the concrete or asphalt of the road. The action of gravity on the mass of your car is the only thing that is causing this contact and so naturally more weight equals more friction between the road and your car tires. A good thing but can turn against you in the form of inertia after the friction has been overcome say after you’ve locked up the brakes, now inertia is greater with a heavier vehicle and takes more in the way of friction to stop it.

Anyway rubber and concrete naturally have a lot of friction.Air pressure in tires will change the properties of the rubber by stretching it so that if a tire is overfilled it can decrease the amount of friction. There is also less surface area in this case. Anyway so you have rubber tires and concrete roads what more can you be responsible for? Well tread for one. How does tread affect the ability of car tires to make contact with the road? Well now we have to talk about outside factors that affect the surface of the road, namely weather.

Water and snow and mud decrease the amount of friction by filling the natural grooves and not allowing contact between rubber and road.So how does tread help in this situation. Well tread is actually good because of the grooves in the tread of your car tires. The grooves allow the material no matter what it is to have a place to go other than between the rubber of the tire and the road. This decreases the “hydroplaning” effect that you get with all the different natural elements that can make driving conditions bad. So the moral of the story is to make sure that you always have good tires with lots of tread on your vehicle in order to maximize the ability of your car to grip the road and therefore provide you with control over the vehicle that allows you to slow down and steer to avoid problems.

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Julee Mitchelsin: Julee Mitchelsin writes about public safety issues for the department of transportation. Car tires is one of her favorite topics. If you want to know more click on

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Auto Parts: How Do I Find The Rare Ones?

Classic cars and their auto parts are a tradition of this country. The USA is unique in its value of the personal rights of the individual citizen including the right to personal property. This means that there are a lot of collectors and just like anything else that people value cars break and need replacement parts.Older cars are valued for their age and the history they signify.

They also wear down over the years and require restoration. The problem is that there is a finite supply of these old auto parts as the models are no longer made. So there is a significant market for these parts. This is what I want to discuss in the next several paragraphs.So auto parts are often sought to restore a car to its original working condition which is a state that is valued to relive important history.

Therefore the demand is high which makes it easier to locate the auto parts because their sale can be a lucrative endeavor. So where do you find these parts and where do they come from?Well anywhere you find antiques you can find these parts. Old estate auctions, flee markets, and antique malls. The problem is that these can be considerably time consuming and often not very productive. So before you go you should do your research. Body shops are good resources as they are constantly seeking auto parts, car collectors are another valuable source of information. Another great resource is the internet which brings together basically all people with a similar interest in the form of forums, or bulletin boards, or blogs. If there is a part you have the best chance of finding it on the internet.

Another great place to look for things like outdated auto parts is on the online auctions like ebay. If people seek it, that is if there is a market for it, than it is generally being sold on ebay. Often just like when you restore anything you may have to purchase more than just that one part (i.e. a whole car that is often in disrepair or inoperable) but that is what you deal with. The internet is also a great place to shop for parts for your new guns as well as there are liquidators and wholesalers for things like this on the web.Hopefully this gives you a start as you seek to restore and/or repair that symbol of American freedom. Happing auto parts hunting!

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Hallidae Thomason: Hallidae Thomason loves driving her 1955 Cadillac convertible that she restored with many different old auto parts. If you like restoring and or repairing cars you should go to

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Ethanol As An Alternative

Ethanol fuel is changing our lives and changing the economy in ways no one anticipated before, with energy costs rising every day, there has been an increased interest in ethanol fuel. Ethanol is a variety of alcohol that can be produced in a natural fashion, similar to the way in which alcoholic beverages are produced. Ethanol can be used by itself in some specially designed vehicles, but it can also be used as a fuel additive, stretching traditional fuels in times of economic or environmental hardship.

Ethanol is used today by more people ever before, simply because of the cheap alternative to the soaring gas prices.Using ethanol fuel as an alternative to gas does require motorists to get a special ethanol kit and install it in their cars, but since gas prices have been unstable in the last years many people feel that making that kind of investment will prove financially profitable in the future.Ethanol fuel that is derived from crops has advantages over traditional fossil fuels. The ethanol fuel is obtained from the sugars and starches in crops like corn and grains. It also burns cleaner than petroleum based fuels due to its chemical composition, alleviating some of the strain placed on the environment by exhaust emissions.

The increased consumption of corn for ethanol use has already started to affect the corn farms projections of yearly crops.Blended ethanol fuel has proven to be an effective source of energy for several parts of the country, as well as other parts of the globe. E10 is a typical mixture. It is common in the Midwestern United States. Many other countries around the world start to consider using ethanol instead of regular fuel, Denmark for example, has also begun using this type of ethanol fuel. It appears to be doing well, though its use is not as extensive as many of its proponents had hoped it would be.

There is still a long way for ethanol to become a natural option for fuel, the United States had used ethanol fuel for less than one percent of its gasoline needs in the year 2002.The other big issue surrounding ethanol is the environmental issue, it is still not absolutely clear that ethanol is in fact environment friendly, and whether the environmental aspects of ethanol fuel are as good as they have been previously described by the supporters of ethanol fuel use.

The growing concern is that while the use of ethanol by itself may be good for the environment, the resources and work done to provide the production of the ethanol could be potentially dangerous for the forests, rainforests and areas where the corn and other ethanol producing resources are being grown. While it is true that the fuel can be made from renewable resources there is evidence that some rainforests are actually being cleared to make space for crops that are used in the production of ethanol. As the controversy regarding the production of ethanol and its dangers, it is very clear that this alternative source of energy is becoming more and more popular.

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Simon Oldmann: Simon Oldmann is an avid writer and a green activist, he has been writing about Ethanol use since the growing popularity of Ethanol these last years, Simon writes for

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Skoda - Objective Reviews From A Skoda Driver

Skoda cars have an excellent reputation for producing quality cars at a fair price. In Ireland Skodas are a very popular car for business users and family drivers alike.Gone are the days of the Skoda jokes, where Skoda was classed with Lada and Polski Fiat. Skoda is now part of the Volkswagen group and the cars are well designed and look great.There are only three basic models, Fabia, Octavia and Superb.The models have been designed to fit in between the conventional size classes, for example the Fabia is between a Fiesta and a Focus in size. The engines are quiet, but provide all the power that 99% of motorists ever need. Inside the cars are spacious and comfortable, with a high driver satisfaction rating.

The diesel engined Skoda Octavia has brilliant fuel economy at around 700 miles/1100 kilometres a tank full and it's still a decent performer too.Rear legroom isn't brilliant, compensation for a big boot, but plenty big enough for a family and occasional adultsAs for handling the Skoda Octavia beats the equivalent Volkswagens due to it's stiffer and better ride that's needed for rough Czech (and Irish)roads compared to the smooth German ones of Volkswagen.Comfortable on long distances, but the road noise level is noticeable.The Skoda Octavia Estate car just goes on and on.

The loading platform seems endless. This estate car is also one of the most pleasant to drive that I have ever come acrossThe New Octavia car is even better value than the older model. The differences on the outside are subtle, but inside is different story, with redesigned seats and instrument panel. You know you are in a different Skoda Octavia.The Skoda Fabia is quiet at all speeds. Great steering, brakes, and taut body control. Amazingly frugal engine keeps getting better as it matures, averaging over 65mpg on daily country commutes. Beautiful Skoda gearbox with very smooth changes.Skoda's super efficient air-con does not affect the Fabia's performance or fuel consumption. Heated seats are perfect for winter. Rock solid construction enhances passenger safety.I think that the skoda diesel engine is the perfect partner for this car as the fuel economy even in town is in the high 50's and the torque is amazing in this small car making it seriously quick, surprising a few Fiesta and Corsa drivers!The Skoda Fabia is a real Pocket Rocket! The steering is brilliant - very light when you need it in parking spaces, but it weight's up nicely when out on the open road.

The Skoda Fabia estate is an amazing package of space and economy. The 1.2 16v engine delivers far more power than any small estate car driver has the right to expectSeats appear to be too uncomfortable at the start as they are very hard, but they soften up and become very comfortable after 10 minutes and you appreciate this in a long drive and it is far better than it's rivals!The ride is wonderful! Very supple for long distance cruising and a great handler. Amazing!Loaded with kit for the money and you'll save money with it's excellent fuel economy.Nowhere else will you find a value for money car like the Skoda Superb.

The Superb has features that are generally only found in cars costing half as much again. A test drive in the Skoda Superb is a totally different world from a test drive in the very competent Skoda Octavia. The two cars may look very similar outside, but inside and for driving pleasure the Superb wins hands down.The Skoda Superb really does live up to its name. It is superb in every way - good handling, excellent drive, full of features such as tip-tronic transmission and electric seat c/w memory, spacious cabin, comfortable ride and powerful engine (turbo). The boot is cavernous!Its actual rear leg-room is even larger than a Mercedes E class.The top of the range Skoda Superb is a very high quality, well put together and extremely spacious, luxury family car.Great engine, smooth auto gearbox, wonderful overtaking ability, relaxed cruising and very economical.Coupled with great features and reasonable price, the Skoda Superb really is value-for-money. It's money well spent!

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Sebastian Romero: Sebastian Romero works in the security industry, and drives 30,000 miles a year in a Skoda Octavia. Find more info at More car info at and

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Simple Ways To Avoid A Car Accident

Everyone who is a driver should be concerned with learning ways to drive safer and to avoid getting in a car accident. There is no reason why drivers shouldn't be cautious and aware of the possibilities for danger that come with being on the road. There are many simple ways to avoid a car accident when you are on the road.

One of the most important steps to take in avoiding a car accident is to pay attention to driving! I see and hear about far too many drivers who are attempting to do multiple things at one time. For example, I saw a lady driving yesturday who was also in the middle of putting her makeup on. There is no way that she was fully aware of what she was doing or of the potential danger she was to everyone else on the road. People can get distracted from driving by a variety of things, so they need to re-focus on driving and on avoiding an accident.The use of cell phones is one of the biggest problems for drivers and one of the biggest causes of car accidents in the past few years.

Some states are catching onto this and are banning drivers from talking on cell phones while they drive. If you absolutely need to talk while you drive, then you should purchase a headset so that your hands will be free to drive and help you to avoid an accident on the road.Trying to carry on a deep or meaningful conversation with other people in your vehicle can also be a serious cause of distraction and hence of a car accident. If you are driving with a full car of passengers, remind them that your job and responsibility is to drive safely and to avoid a car accident for the sake of all who are on the road.

Ask that they refrain from beginning serious conversations with you that will require your full attention.Music and other radio programs can also be big distractions to drivers and lead them into a car accident. Be intentional about the things you choose to listen to when you drive. Be sure that you don't choose anything that will be too much of a distraction to you.

Instead, choose soft music or programs that will allow you to fully focus on the road and on not getting in a car accident.When you are driving, your highest responsibility is to do just that: drive. Avoid a car accident at all costs and save your phone calls and deep conversations for one you are off the road.

Author Info:
Belina Storrey: Belina Storrey is a consultant that works for the department of transportation. She hopes to warn people about the avoidable causes of car accidents. See for more on accidents of all kinds.

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Everyone should have a car alarm

Car Alarm

In today's world, not everyone can be trusted. Hardly a day goes by when we do not hear terrible stories of all kinds of crimes that are happening to innocent and well meaning people. There are countless ways to help prevent these crimes happening you, more than we can share here, but one of the best and easiest ways that you can prevent theft happening to you is by getting a car alarm. Many cars already come with a car alarm, but there are an equal number of cars that a car alarm must be purchased separately for the car.

My point is that any car owner that truly values their car should have a car alarm, no questions asked. There is no reason why you should not do all you can to protect your vehicle if it is truly that valuable to you.A car alarm is a great thing. It is great because a potential thief cannot possibly know that you have a car alarm until they do something to set it off. This is why the car alarm can be so effective. Especially if you are like me, then sometimes you leave valuable things in your locked car without even thinking about the possibility of danger.

I often wonder how tempting my valuable possessions are to people who are looking for something to steal.The benefit of a car alarm is that it is loud and embarrassing enough that it usually makes most potential criminals flee the scene of a car before they steal something. Because it is quite obvious to anyone close by that a car alarm has gone off, few people have the guts to continue in the process of stealing something valuable from a car or stealing the car itself with a loud car alarm going off for all to hearSo my simple advice is this. Find out if your car comes with a car alarm built in it.

If it does, take some time to learn about your car alarm. Learn about when it goes on and about how you can control it. There is nothing worse than having a car alarm for protection that you do not use. If you find that your car does not come with a car alarm, then your next step is simple: get a car alarm. Talk with your car dealer about the possibilities and check out the kind of car alarm that is best for your situation and your budget. The important thing is simply to be protected, so do whatever it takes to protect yourself and your valuables.

Author Info:
Belina Storrey: Belina Storrey writes as a consultant for car owners. She encourages every car owner to install a car alarm. See for more on this important feature.

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Toyota and Lexus, Earning 11 Awards from J.D. Power and Associates

2006 seems to be a good year for the Toyota Motor Corporation. This company is the one responsible for the Toyota brand of vehicles as well as the Lexus brand. Now, it has most recently earned 11 segment awards that the J.D. Power and Associates give annually. These awards are all part of J.D. Power And Associates’ Initial Quality Study. This study actually measures out problems in 100 vehicles during the first 90 days of ownership. And during this period of study, the Toyota and Lexus brands received 11 segment awards which is a record in itself.

This is primarily because no other corporation or brand has had received such a number of segment awards in just one study such as this one. In fact, Lexus has been continually the recipient of the most problem-free vehicle for nine years straight in a row. Jim Lentz, the Toyota Division group’s vice president and general manager, states, “It is a proud achievement for our vehicles to earn 11 awards overall in the 19 segments.

Our product line has expanded significantly over the years, with a number of new models coming to market recently. With that, we’ve continued to place a great importance on the quality and dependability of the product.”In fact, the Lexus brand took home the awards where it had vehicle entrants. It was six segments in all. As per Toyota, it took home five segment awards. Of course, this was the best number of awards among those with non luxury nameplates attached to them.

The Toyota Camry and the Toyota Corolla, which are Toyota’s largest volume vehicles, took the top spot in each of their respective segments. The Camry was the number one midsize car. On the other hand, the Corolla took home the best in the Compact Car segment award. You can search for discount Toyota Highlander parts and Toyota Solara parts from Toyota Parts Online’s secured online store. The parts here hold the lowest prices and this store provides the best service available.

Author Info:
Mark Clarkson is a 35 year old marketing consultant for a leading auto parts store. This native of Denver is also an offroad enthusiast.

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Time To Pump Some Gas

Is your fuel indicator in your dashboard informing and signaling you that it needs a little refilling? Is it telling you that its reserve of fuel has already gone low? Well, if it is, then it is them time to drive off to a gasoline station for some refueling. Of course, not all gasoline stations have attendants who would do all the refilling for you. There are some stations that are self-service. This means that you would have to do the pumping for gas on your own. Refilling your own gas for your car is simple and easy.

There is no need to worry about it. You should first figure out which side of your car holds the key to your gas tank. And when you have done so, you should be able to park your car where the fill spout is facing the pump where you would be getting your gas. The logic behind this is very simple: it would not be difficult to refill your gas tank this way. When you have parked your car with the fill spout right in front of the gas pump, it is time to turn off your car’s engine and get out of your car.

You should open your gas tank door. Some cars’ tank doors can be opened with a button from the inside of your car. However, there are also some that can be opened with a key. When you have successfully opened it, you should unscrew the cap of the gas tank. Then, pay for the gas. If you are paying with a credit card, you can simply run the card through the machine. If not, you would have to see the attendant first. When you have done so, then follow the printed instructions which are usually found posted near the machine.

Then select the type of gas that you would be filling up for your vehicle. Make sure you know what kind of fuel your car runs on. Then lift the handle of the gas off and insert it into the gas tank. Push it in firmly so that it is secure and that no gas could escape. Then, you can start filling in your gas. Once filled up, it is time to put the gas tank cap back in.

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Tom Bailey is a consultant for one of the country’s leading auto parts stores. He is also an editor of a reputable publishing company in his area. He is currently based in Atlantic City, New Jersey with his wife and 3 children.

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Car warranty

When you are purchasing a car, whether it is used or new, there are many things to keep in mind. You have so many details to remember as you are becoming a car owner and taking on that new responsibility. Don't forget, however, to talk about getting a car warranty in the midst of your busyness.Getting a car warranty is an absolute must when you are purchasing a car of any value to you. Basically, a car warranty means that you are covered if things go wrong with your vehicle.

Be careful, however, because not all warranties are the same. They will cover different damages and they will last a different number of years or number of miles that you drive your car, so you must proceed with caution when you are choosing a car warranty.Talk with the car salesman about all of your options for choosing the car warranty that is best for you. Be sure to check the details of exactly how long the car warranty will be effective and the specific damages that it will and will not cover for your vehicle.

The worst thing you can do is to get stuck with a warranty that is not good for you or the needs of your vehicle.You should also take the time to talk with family members or friends who recently have purchased vehicles. Talking with other car owners about the car warranty that they have chosen is a great way to get perspective from someone other than a car salesman. You need to take your time and become as informed as possible.

After all, you are talking about protecting your car. Cars are expensive and replacing them is not easy, so use caution and come up with a plan that is great for you.A car warranty is meant to offer you protection so that you know your car is taken care of know matter what happens to it once you start driving it. Regardless of how clean your driving record is, you can never be sure that you will be accident free in the years to come. There are just too many factors at stake to risk not having a car warranty, so make sure that you get one no matter what advice you receive.Having a car warranty will give you the freedom to drive your new car with ease and to be confident that you have great insurance on it no matter what happens on the road or in aparking lot.

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Belina Storrey: Belina Storrey is a financial advisor that always advises new car owners to get a car warranty. See for more on taking this precaution.

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Negotiating tips to sell your car

Are you considering selling your car soon? There are very few people in this world who can actually get the best price from their customers for any given product. Are you one of them or not? If yes, then it can only add up to your benefits if not well then take the following negotiating tips with you.

• List your Car on all online used car classifieds: There are thousands of people who are looking for a used car on popular car buying sites. If you sell your car in such popular sites you are sure to make a profit anywhere around $3000 more than trading it in. You can also expect a market value which is $2000 - $6000 more than the trade value.

• Fix up your car before you sell it: If there is any repair work to be done fix it. You can also attract your car’s customers by waxing your car, vacuum inside and gloss up the tires. The better your car looks the higher chance you stand for getting a good price.

• Workout the price you will be selling the car for: Be confident about your price range. Always negotiate up from the factory invoice price, not down from the sticker price, which is a higher price than the dealer expects to pay. It would be advisable that you fix the price high so as to include the minimal profit for the dealer.

• Be prepared before the first buyer shows up. Make printouts from several internet car pricing sites showing the market value of your cat. Avoid printing the trade in values, that’s what car dealers offer you.

• Be ready for any answer to the buyer’s issues. Incase he complaints about the scratches or mark stain to your car. Tell him its normal wear for any car of that age and mileage, that’s why you are not asking the price of a new car.

• Always remember your car is still worth the market value no matter what money the buyer has. That is why it is advisable that you mention in your ads that the price is firm.

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Tips to sell your car

Are you looking to sell your car? Selling a car is not that difficult as one feels. All you need is proper guidance and a perfect deal. You can deal, either by selling your car privately or by having a trade with a car dealer. Both the ways of selling cars have their own pros and cons. It is up to you to decide which one is the best for you.Have a look at step by step guidance to sell your car.

1) Place an Advertisement for your car: Firstly you need to place an advertisement that you are selling your car. Placing ad is very important as every one will know that you are selling your car. Through advertisements, you will find more customers for your car. You need to place an ad that sells your car. You need to provide detail information about your car. This includes the car model, date of manufacture and so on.

2) Set car price: Setting price is very important. You have to consider many things before setting a price such as condition of the car, region where it is being sold. Always set the price more than your asking price. So that even if the buyer bargains you will get the required amount.

3) Give your car curb appeal: You need to ensure that your car is in proper condition before you sell it. You need to wash and color the car to make it look more attractive. If you want to make your car look new you can also clean the tires, mirrors, brake dust with a special fluid called Armor All. Make sure that your car is mechanically sound and in good condition. You can get a mechanic check of the car and issue a report about its functioning.

4) Show the car to your buyer: Once you start getting buyers you need to make the buyer feel comfortable and answer their questions firmly. You can ask them to take a test-drive of your car. Show them the reports of the condition of the car. If they insist of getting it rechecked by a mechanic, allow they to do the same. Always remember that first impression is your last impression. So be sure as to how you present yourself.

5) Negotiate for the best price: You need to negotiate with the buyer to get the best price for the car. It may be possible that the buyer puts forward a very low price. This is the time when you have to make yourself firm and try to get the best price. You need to tell him about the positive points of your car. Do not haste as there may be a higher deal waiting just behind.6) Finalizing the deal: At the time of finalizing the deal you need to check the laws governing the sale of motor vehicles. Depending upon the laws of your state you need to finalize the deal. Once you receive the money from the buyer sign the title over to the buyer. You can also provide them with a sale bill.

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Isabella Rodrigues writes for, offering the latest information on Car Insurance, visit them today for more best Auto Insurance Services.

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Auto Parts Don't Have to Be Expensive

Present automobile costs can make people think twice about driving these days, especially with the steadily inflating price levels of petrol/gasoline. The last thing that most car owners need is the added cost of replacing worn out parts. Local auto shops seem to be the most popular way for people to find auto parts. There is a much more economical way, which is finding your own parts from an auto junk yard. Auto salvage yards, as their name suggests, specialise in salvaging autos, or more specifically vehicle parts. It is very simple the way that they work; useful parts are put aside while the junk cars are stripped down. These parts are then sold to anyone who would like to obtain them at a much lower price than a new part would be.

The majority of people concede that it would be best if they knew how to put the part on the car, but just buying the part from an auto salvage yard can save you a considerable amount even if you have to pay a mechanic to fit it. You might find the piece that you seek, and save yourself a lot of cash. It can take a lot of effort to find the part you need. It may be wise to take someone who know a little bit about cars with you. There are varying amounts, but the best part may take some shopping around to find. Not all salvage yards will recondition parts, some will simply sell them 'as is'.

The worst thing you can do is to buy a part from an auto salvage yard and suppose that you have found an a great deal, but then find out that it is not the right part for your auto or not working. Scrapping a car is another way you can use an auto salvage yard. Isn't that a great way to make some money on auto parts? All automobiles have a finite life span, but it's nice to get one final use out of the car you have used for so long. It's better than nothing, to get a little money from your old car. Remember, the first price is not the right price.

It's best to negotiate for a little bit and shop around. Jeff Hansen is an expert in the automotive retail business place. He has enjoyed great success with his automotive retail business for several years. His website is currently ranking in the top 10 on the google search engine under the key word "auto parts".His site offers: Wholesale prices on auto parts and auto accessories for auto repair. Import auto parts and domestic car parts. Provided this resource box remains intact, you may print this article without charge.

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Jeff Hansen is an expert in the automotive retail business place. He has enjoyed great success with his automotive retail business for several years. His website is currently ranking in the top 10 on the google search engine under the key word "auto parts".His site offers: Wholesale prices on auto parts and auto accessories for auto repair. Import auto parts and domestic car parts. Provided this resource box remains intact, you may print this article without charge.

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